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Status: Qualified for Evaluation!
SEC-#00246 will be evaluated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health (ABRWH). The proposed class covers all employees of North American Aviation (NAA) Atomics International-Rocketdyne, corporate successors and subcontractors at DeSoto Facility, 1965-1995.

CORE Advocacy's

SEC-#00235 - SSFL Area IV
1965-Present / All Workers

Status: Pending
The proposed class covers all employees of North American Aviation (NAA) Atomics International - Rocketdyne, its corporate successors and subcontractors, regardless of presumed work location or "Time Clock Location," 1965-Present. SEC-00235 qualified for evaluation in 2016.

• Passed with Unanimous ABRWH Support•
SSFL AREA IV 1965-1988

In 2016, NIOSH initiated a new SEC class for SSFL Area IV, effectively adding the years 1965-1988. SEC Petition #0234 was passed with a unanimous vote by the Presidential Advisory Board on Radiation & Worker Health (ABRWH) at the ABRWH / NIOSH Work Group Meeting held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A long-awaited victory for SSFL workers, this SEC was supposed to make things easier. But qualified SEC claimants continue to have difficulty obtaining timely and complete worker records and employment verification. Need some help? Contact us.

SSFL AREA I DOE Operations
Supported Area IV Programs
Supports the Inclusion of All Areas to EEOICPA

In April 2017 CORE Advocacy submitted contracts and documentation that chronicle DOE operations, facilities, and proprietary interests in SSFL Area I that, for decades, supported DOE's Area IV programs.  From DOE-contractor employee operation of the facilities, to worker rotation and site-wide materials and personnel transport, the information fulfills legislative criteria to determine that SSFL Area I is a "DOE Facility" under EEOICPA. Under review by Division of Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) for nearly a year, we await a response. Many documented DOE-contractor employees that participated in Area I DOE-sponsored programs remain excluded from EEOICPA.

As your Authorized Representative ...

CORE Advocacy manages your EEOICPA claim. We act on your behalf to fulfill the arduous burden of proof placed upon EEOICPA claimants, which can be difficult and overwhelming for many. We assist our clients with proving employment history, radiation and toxic chemical exposures, and by providing published scientific evidence linking such exposures to diagnoses.  We assist with establishing potential impairment and work to ensure that claimants can access appropriate medical benefits and care under EEOICPA. When necessary, CORE Advocacy will formally object to Department of Labor's (DOL) Recommended Decision to deny a claim, and we are willing to exhaust every reasonable effort and resource to result in a favorable outcome.

CORE Advocacy is not affiliated with the government. We are not attorneys. As an Authorized Representative under EEOICPA, we are bound by strict statutorily-determined fee limitations. We must abide by regulatory guidelines that exist to protect claimants' best interests and privacy. EEOICPA specifies that if compensation is awarded, an Authorized Representative may collect a 2%-12% fee, typically determined by a claim's difficulty. If no compensation is awarded, there is no fee for our services. Some claims are easier to adjudicate than others. While there is never any way to predict or guarantee the outcome or the time it may take to reach a Final Decision, many claimants benefit greatly from the help of an Authorized Representative. In some cases involving vague or incorrect site history, difficulty in obtaining records, or when a worker is deceased, CORE Advocacy's assistance can significantly improve the probability of a favorable decision. In many cases, a professional Authorized Representative can make the difference between the denial of a claim, and a positive outcome.

Authorized Representatives provide valuable assistance to EEOICPA claimants. CORE Advocacy also contributes volunteer efforts toward claimant consultation, historical document research, the correction of errors in site history and by making contributions to the Site Exposure Matrix (SEM).
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We work within an established network of advocates that include former workers, site historians, researchers, and specialists in a variety of fields who share our passion about EEOICPA's implementation and administration in the ways Congress intended. We support productive relationships with federal agencies, seek opportunities to meet and network with other advocates, agency representatives and legislators, and bring what we learn back to the claimants we represent.

We are passionate about helping workers that contributed to our nuclear defense, science and technology.

Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Unable to Verify Eligible Employment?
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Since the Manhattan Project, throughout the Cold War, Race to Space, and to the present day, countless Americans have given their lives and health to the development of our nuclear defense and the advancement of science and technology. Many were exposed to radiation, toxic chemicals and beryllium, often without their knowledge or consent. The Department of Labor (DOL) Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 (EEOICPA) can provide lump-sum compensation and medical benefits for cancer and other illnesses related to workplace exposures that occurred at Department of Energy (DOE) facilities. CORE Advocacy provides assistance and Authorized Representation to EEOICPA claimants. We are passionate about advocacy for workers and the improvement of EEOICPA legislation for workers of all facilities.

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