Special thanks to:
Alliance of Nuclear Worker Advocacy Groups (ANWAG) and its members for working together on behalf of claimants everywhere.
Energy Employee Claimant Assistance Project (EECAP), providing helpful information for EEOICPA claimants and advocates with a comprehensive web site and access to advocates.

DEEOIC Interim Advisory Board (DIAB) and all Advisory Board Members for working tirelessly to improve EEOICPA and to see the creation of an advisory board appointed by Congress to oversee EEOICPA, as has been the recommendation by independent entities for years.

All worker advocates, activists, former workers, ombudsmen/women, agency representatives and advisory board members who continue to strive for excellence by working for positive changes within EEOICPA, providing helpful information and research, on behalf of workers nationwide.

All former and current employees of DOE Facilities across the country who have contributed greatly to science and technology, often at the expense of their health and well-being. While EEOICPA is a noble program that provides assistance to many, sick workers would rather have their health restored than be diagnosed with an illness and have to endure bureaucracy for help. There is no appropriate amount of compensation to make up for what so many have lost. Thank you for your service, your contributions, and your sacrifices.

Credits & Dedication

U.W. "Hoppy" Hopson

1928 - 2010
WWII Veteran - Senior Propulsion Test Inspector - Rocket Man - DAD
SSFL: NASA-DOE Operations
Saturn V S-II Battleship, SNAP 10-A Space Nuclear Reactor
Peacekeeper - Minuteman
VAFB: Titan - Delta - Space Shuttle - MST
For Dad. The coolest *good guy* of them all.
I love you to the moon. And back.

Great people inspire greatness in others. When it comes to advocacy for EEOICPA claimants, many of us have gained experience by helping our own personal heroes navigate this program. It is certainly the case for me; I fell into this work purely by accident, helping my Dad with his EEOICPA claim. I witnessed firsthand the frustration he endured. EEOICPA was never intended to be difficult, confusing, or in some cases impossible. This is a good and noble program that is difficult for too many people.

CORE Advocacy & (dedicated to the personnel of Santa Susana Field Laboratory) were inspired by my Dad, Walt Hopson, Senior Propulsion Test Inspector on the Saturn V Stage-II Battleship during Apollo. He contributed to numerous DOE-NASA projects during his career, the success of which relied on things that came naturally to him and others who dedicated their lives to the advancement of science and technology during the Cold War / Race to Space: unwavering patriotism, a commitment to excellence, integrity, and ingenuity. My father was also a dreamer; unafraid to reach for the Moon when many claimed it could never be done. He taught me that a willingness to imagine the seemingly impossible, combined with hard work for the right reasons, can result in amazing things. He lived by example; his heart was big, his knowledge was vast; if he didn't know how to do something, he admitted it ... and then learned how.

EEOICPA shouldn't be difficult for the people it was created to help. It is an honor to do this work in memory of my Dad; to help, to keep learning, and to advocate for his friends and colleagues. It's a privilege to meet amazing people who changed the world; to stand alongside committed Advocates who teach and inspire me every day; to work with dedicated agency representatives who strive to implement EEOICPA as intended.

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To the Moon and Back,

D'Lanie Blaze
Director, CORE Advocacy

"All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy."

-- Samantha Power