Department of Labor (DOL)

DOL manages EEOICPA. They issue Final Decisions on Part B claims, and investigate / issue Final Decisions on Part E claims.

DOL EEOICPA Resource Centers
Can answer questions about EEOICPA and assist claimants in filling out forms, initiating employment verification, forwarding information to DOL, checking for updates on claims, and assisting with medical billing problems.

DOL Ombudsman's Office
An independent office that assists with EEOICPA claims. The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) performs Dose Reconstructions and is involved in determining Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) petitions. They have no web site but the NIOSH Ombudsman can be reached at: 1-888-272-7430.

CDC Radiation Studies
Health effects of environmental radiation exposures.

Department of Energy (DOE), EEOICPA
DOE handles Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act is commonly known as the Superfund. CERCLA holds documents from all Superfund sites and maintains Reading Rooms at each site as well as having on-line documents available for download.

Considered Sites Database
Contains information about facilities covered under EEOICPA.

Linking Legacies

The story of the creation and development of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex, according to DOE.

Declassified documents made public after October 1, 1994.

Hanford Declassified Document Retrieval System
Contains more than 125,000 formerly classified documents available for public viewing, dating back to the Manhattan Project.

Department of Justice
Radiation Exposure Compensation Program (RECA).

The Worker Health Protection Program (WHHP)
Provides free medical screening for former or current workers at Gaseous Diffusion Plants in Oak Ridge, TN, Paducah, KY, and Portsmouth, OH, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in Idaho Falls, ID, Oak Ridge National Lab and Y-12 (Oak Ridge, TN), Mound (Miamisburg, OH) and Fernald (Harrison, OH).

Building Trades National Medical Screening Program
Provides free medical screening for former construction workers of DOE/AEC sites.
EECAP is a valuable resource for EEOICPA claimants and anyone seeking more information on the Act and Alliance of Nuclear Worker Advocacy Groups (ANWAG). A great place to begin.

Cold War Patriots
A national Community Research Organization formed to help claimants find information needed to work with the legislation to improve EEOICPA.

The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

IEER provides understandable and accurate scientific and technical information on energy and environmental issues.
Supporting the inclusion of all North American Aviation Rocketdyne workers of Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) to EEOICPA.

"All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy."

-- Samantha Power
Aerospace Contamination Museum of Education provides information relevant to the history and current cleanup efforts of the SSFL.

Rocketdyne Archives

Includes historical photographs and information on specific areas and projects of the SSFL.

SSFL Public Health Initiative
UCLA's Collaborative Project, comprised of leaders in the fields of Epidemiological, Environmental and Scientific Research and their study of Rocketdyne workers' health.

The History Channel's Segment on The Sodium Reactor Experiment
Learn about the SRE's partial meltdown that occurred in 1959, one of several incidents involving SSFL's numerous nuclear reactors.

NASA's SSFL Environmental Cleanup and Closure
Providing information about the actions NASA is taking to investigate and clean up the NASA-administered property of the SSFL.

Department of Toxic Substances Control / CalEPA
DTSC is the lead regulatory agency overseeing the investigation and cleanup of the SSFL, along with multiple state, federal, and local government agencies.

Rocketdyne Workers Connecting on Facebook
Workers of Rocketdyne gather on Facebook to share their resources, memories and photographs through the decades. A great place to connect with old friends and colleagues.

Other Resources

Government EEOICPA Web Sites

Non-Government EEOICPA Web Sites