Contact us. CORE Advocacy will review the details of your claim with you.  We can help you determine if new information is available that could support a reevaluation or reopening of your EEOICPA claim. CORE Advocacy,, and worker advocates will continue our efforts toward the inclusion of all areas of SSFL into EEOICPA.

All photos, Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) and Canoga Facility, courtesy of John Pace, U.W. Hopson, and

Since 2008, and CORE Advocacy have worked toward the correction of Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) site history on behalf of Area I, II and III personnel, who are currently excluded from EEOICPA. Employees of North American Aviation's divisions of Atomics International / Rocketdyne, its corporate successors, and subcontractors frequently meet the eligibility requirements established by EEOICPA, but are denied compensation or totally disqualified in error. There is cause to review or reopen an unknown number of SSFL EEOICPA claims.

On review of your claim, CORE Advocacy can help to determine if a Reopening Request may be warranted. Such a request relies on the claimant's ability to provide new relevant information. CORE Advocacy's experience in reviewing SSFL EEOICPA claims and our familiarity with site history could help find the new information required, and significantly increase the likelihood that your claim will be reopened / accepted.

Unfortunately, most SSFL EEOICPA claimants are unaware that there is a problem establishing their eligibility until their claim is recommended for denial. This can add years to the adjudication process or the claim can be denied with a Final Decision. If you have not yet filed a claim, are midway through the process and feeling overwhelmed, or if you are convinced your Final Decision was wrong, CORE Advocacy would like to speak to you. We are dedicated to ensuring that every SSFL EEOICPA claimant receives a Final Decision based on an accurate depiction of site and worker history.

CORE Advocacy has authored two Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) Petitions currently under review: SEC-00246 DeSoto Facility, 1965-1995 and SEC-00235 SSFL Area IV, 1965-Present (covering all DOE-contractor and subcontractor employees regardless of presumed work locations / Time Clock Locations). In addition, CORE Advocacy has submitted contracts and documentation establishing DOE operations and proprietary interests at SSFL Area I to support DOE's Area IV programs. The information supports a determination that SSFL Area I is a "covered facility" under EEOICPA, and has been under review by Department of Labor (DOL) since April, 2017. Please stay tuned for status updates.

SANTA SUSANA FIELD LABORATORY:  Some Denied Claims May Qualify for Reopening and Reconsideration.

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